TUNE IT OR DIE! Tune your guitar to any imaginable scale with ease. WITTMAN TUNERS are incredible learning tools for the practicing or professional musician. Get an instant readout of any note on the fretboard. Tune silently! Read the display in complete darkness! All WITTMAN TUNERS use the original Q-Circuit and feature lightning-fast, automatic note sensing and easy-to-read LED display–even in bright sunlight! The SPECTRUM has 1/4-inch in and out jacks, a built-in microphone, and automatic calibration for easy alternate tuning. The Q-Circuit provides the fastest tracking and most accuracy of any tuner available, in any price range.

WITTMAN ProTUNER $149.95 + $7.00 S&H ($38 foreign) tunerProTuner


This tuner is a highly sophisticated device that becomes an integral part of your instrument. The LED display is inlaid in the side of the neck or in the upper horn area, so it is highly visible to the player only. The circuit is located in the existing control cavity with its own nine-volt battery. By using a separate power source, turning the tuner on will not affect the instrument’s sound in any way. The tuner input is wired pre-volume control with a push-pull switch for activation, so tuning can be accomplished with or without sound output.

View of WITTMAN ProTUNER front


The LED Display consists of one LED for each open string to indicate its matching pitch, a blinking LED for Flat, TWO LEDs for InTune and a blinking LED for Sharp. When the correct String LED and the TWO LEDs are lit, that String is InTune. Accuracy is + or – One Cent. Error reference is 2 blinks per second for every 5 Cents of i naccuracy.. ProTUNERS are available for six-string guitars and four, five, and six-string bass models. Installation of the WITTMAN ProTUNER does require some modification to the instrument and should be done by a qualified technician.

WITTMAN MiniTUNER $59.95 + $7.00 S&H ($38 foreign)   tunermini


This tuner is used by many professional touring and recording musicians, among them Bela Fleck. It is the first patented on-board tuner. The tuner can be mounted inside the sound hole of an acoustic guitar or on the flange of a banjo. A chromatic tuner which picks up vibration directly from the instrument, the device provides no-hands operation. Accuracy is maintained within the range of ± 1 cent. (Most tuners are accurate to only ± 3 cents.) Uses standard nine-volt battery. The bright LED makes the display easy to read in bright sunlight or on stage.

WITTMAN SPECTRUM Standalone Tuner $39.95 + $7.00 S&H ($38 foreign)  tunerspectrum


This is the perfect standalone tuner for acoustic or electric instruments. Small enough to fit inside a guitar case and perfect for acoustic instruments. Try the WITTMAN SPECTRUM today and see how fast, accurate, and easy it is to use. –Fully automatic 12 note tuner –7-octave range –1/4-inch jacks for electric instruments –Internal microphone for acoustic instruments –Easy-to-read LED display –Lightning fast “Q-circuit” –Long battery life –One-touch recalibration

WITTMAN JackTUNER $69.95 + $7.00 S&H ($38 foreign) tunerjack

Special Order Only – Email For Details

This tuner requires no alteration to the guitar. Just replace your standard jack plate with the WITTMAN JackTUNER and you are ready to tune. A nine-volt battery fits in the control cavity under the tone controls and an on/off switch replaces the standard volume pot with a push/pull pot (like a coil tap pot). Installing the WITTMAN JackTUNER is akin to changing pickups. If your technical skill level is relative you should have no problems. If not, please consult a qualified technician.

Tuner Operation: Switch the tuner ON. The two InTune LEDs will flash once per second to show it is on and ready. Play a single note, and adjust that note until the desired string indicator is on. Slowly make the final adjustment until the two InTune LEDs are on. The flat and sharp LEDs blink more slowly as you approach InTune.  Observe the “visual beat” as you are tuning. It is best to tune up from flat up to InTune than from sharp down. It is not necessary to repluck the string often, every few seconds is fine. When InTune mute all strings with the right hand before going to the next string. For the fastest tuning, tune at the twelfth fret harmonic.