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Our basses focus on ergonomic correctness, total functionality and superb playability.

Available in four, five and six-string versions, each instrument is hand-built with the finest materials and meticulous craftsmanship.

Whatever you prefer—neck-thru, bolt-on, headed, pseudoheaded, headless, fretted, fretless, domestic or exotic woods—each WITTMAN BASS GUITAR receives personal attention.

Many unique features are standard with all WITTMAN BASS GUITARS. The AURORA body is unique, strikingly beautiful and practical. Sleek and petite, it has a gracefully contoured back and a flowing carved arched top. Its deeply scalloped back reduces weight while enhancing the instrument’s comfort, tonal clarity, and sustain.

Great sound is a most important consideration when selecting woods used in the AURORA. The body design permits the use of denser woods, selected for their harmonic and tonal qualities without adding weight. Multiple coats of specially formulated oil finish are hand-rubbed into the entire neck and body until a beautifully lustered patina is obtained. The finish feels wonderful and reveals the natural color, beauty, and sound of the wood.

Numerous pickup and active electronic options are available. Bartolini and EMG pickups and circuits are on hand to satisfy most musicians’ demands for optimum sound quality and flexibility. Pickups and circuits are selected and designed to fulfill a variety of tonal qualities and voicings to satisfy the player’s needs.

At WITTMAN-SPINS we do a lot more than what you see listed above. If you have a specific request, please call—we would be happy to discuss it with you.

Both the SPINSTRAP and ProTUNER are available as retrofit items.